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Towards ethical sustainability

Dr.Morice Strong, Dr.Noel J. Brown and UNEP possed task for the world community to commit sincerely to the aims of Agenda 21 in the Rio summit 1992. They were disappointed after two years how the moral side of the commitment did not have realized. In his assessment of the results of Rio 1992 Dr Brown said that the moral commitment was just the missing element of the world equation. The results of the development was to find in Johannesburg 2002 summit. Althoug the official slogan was "Rio +10" the assessment of the NGO´s was "Rio-10". And now in Rio again we asked, why the ethical side of the commitment was missing?

We propose that the organizations of the UN add to the three atributes of sustainable development the fourth attribute, which is the precondition of the ecological , economical and social namely "ethical sustainability". A member of ENO Academy Supervisory Board,  professor R.E.Heinonen was speaking about this issue and proposing this in the Rio Summit this year in June. According to his study,  the most important result of our tree planting supports this. It points out the change of attitudes through the process of planting activities and reveals new understanding of the intrinsic value of trees.